Monday, June 30, 2014

LGBTI People in Africa: Chicago Stands in Solidarity

Sunday, June 29, was the Chicago PRIDE Parade and the culmination of weeks of activities focusing on the situation of LGBTI people in Africa.  Chicago stands in solidarity . . . .

From Facebook: "Happy Pride week. This is how my church celebrates:
programs and meetings all week long inviting our GLBT sisters and
brothers to come worship with us or other reconciling ministries.
Supporting the Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program, helping LGBT
people seeking safety in Chicago,,
contact Dennis Ojiyoma,, supporting marriage
equality in Illinois and putting on our marching shoes."
(Photo and post by Paula Roderick)

Gay Liberation Network (GLN) featured huge banners in support of African
and other LGBTI people seeking in asylum in the U.S. as the avoid
violence in their home countries. (Photo proudly posted by Chicago
political candidate Denice Davis.)

GLN Placards:
"Open the borders
to LGBTs & others fleeing violence abroad!
STOP Deportations!"

Putting the whole picture together . . . .
(Photo by Roger Beltrami - see full album)

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